8 Gallon Bottling/Wax Tank


8 Gallon Wax Melting and Bottling Tank

• 2  1″ 304 stainless steel ball valves
• Thermometer
• 1800 watt 120v Watlow immersion heater


The 8 Gallon bottling and wax melting tank is a mini version of our 25 gal Tank, offering all the same great features in a much smaller size. This tank made from 18 and 14 gauge stainless steel is unique in that it can be used for bottling honey, warming/decrystallizing a single 5 gallon bucket or for melting down your wax cappings. It utilizes a double valve design to make the wax melting process much more simple and streamlined as you are able to draw the clean wax from the center of the tank.


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